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 Having grown up in the historical farmland of Northwest Ohio, I fell in love with nature and art.  I have always enjoyed the beautiful early-morning and late-evening light.  My love for the outdoors, hiking and gardening is a passion that is deep within me.  Therefore; I must paint what I love.  

My education has been a combiBarb at easelnation of college-oriented work and classes with local area artists.  As a member of the Center for the Arts of Evergreen, I have studied under Pem Dunn, Steve Tracy and Betsy Buckner. 

I am blessed to live in the beautiful rocky mountains and my art continues to grow as I explore the  mountain region of Colorado and continue the adventure of painting outdoors.  I have a passion for creating art that combines my love for the outdoors and working with the ever-changing light. 

As a member of the Plein Air Artists Colorado, Evergreen Artists Association and the Outdoor Painters Society I have found like-minded artists with the same love and passion for painting the world around us.  

The works I have created have been displayed and sold through the Center for Arts Evergreen, Evergreen Art Association, bookstores in Ohio, online through my network and through my own personal connections.  I have also been commissioned for large, complex projects which are in private collections across the United States.  My primary medium is oil on canvas and panels.

Art brings life!  It brings life and excitement to me as I create it.  The purpose of my artwork is to express the joy I feel when I am plein air painting or creating in my studio.


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